Accelerate your productivity with business automation

Business automation includes business process automation, robotic process automation and AI-powered automation.

Automating these tasks frees up time for employees to focus on more high-value tasks.

Intelligent Docs

inq. Intelligent Docs Platform allows businesses to digitise their manual processes.

Users can use inq.’s area-specific deep learning optical character recognition (OCR) to upload scanned documents or images of any type and extract the required fields and map them into an excel file or database. This platform has an inbuilt machine learning engine for continuous learning and an AI engine for predictive analysis hence continuously improving the accuracy of the extracted data. The service supports various documents and use cases, helping organisations understand, process, and manage their large amounts of unstructured data.


inq. Intelligent Docs provides a system that can execute the following:

Perform OCR

Extract relevant information as key values or tables if required

Provide a document visibility score

Provide confidence in the extracted OCR

Can be exported via API or can be integrated into existing ERP solutions

Our Benefits:

inq. Intelligent Docs is designed to help organisations automate document processes and find insights throughout their large volume of documents.

Higher-value work:

Frees up teams to do higher-value work activities.

Flexible Payment:

Flexible payment options ( Flat fee or per document) depending on the need


Add on’s with customisation for providing implementation and integration into existing systems.


Continuous training to keep updating the AI for higher accuracy.

Increased Efficiencies:

Provides relief to users/analysts/managers by increasing efficiencies and reducing process redundancies.


Allows the organisation to go beyond OCR-based template methods and RPA-based memorisation efforts, which are not scalable as the variety and volume of documents changes.

Quicker Time to Value:

Organisations can focus on quicker time to value for primary users and secondary consumers by focusing on developing applications and faster integrations using highly accurate extracted information and knowledge (as opposed to updating rules, re-automating template management, and moving documents).

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